Letter to Members from CIFA & WCA at Corona Virus



The 2019 coronavirus crisis has touched the hearts of people all around the world. Mr. David Yokeum, President of WCA, the strategy partner of CIFA, phoned Mr. Li Zhimin, CIFA General Secretary, on February 11. Knowing the severity of the tragic situation, Mr. Yokeum expressed an eager desire to offer some beneficial services to the people of China.

After the highly productive discussion, both organizations decided to provide the following services to their members:

  1. 服务中国灾区 | Relief for those stricken in China

If someone is willing to donate supplies overseas to the stricken area, WCA members will help arrange the transportation to the designated locations in China. If there are any urgent needs or costs that cannot be covered, please notify WCA management to help facilitate. We are looking for support and donations worldwide.

  1. 服务中国中小型企业 | Serving small and medium-sized enterprises in China

Due to the outbreak, many Chinese businesses, especially small and medium-sized companies, have encountered great difficulties. WCA will provide tremendous support to help any CIFA members seeking overseas agents and solve any problems that may arise during the international transportation of relief materials into China.

  1. CIFA支持WCA成员企业 | CIFA will support WCA members

WCA任何成员企业如果有捐赠医疗物资或其他服务中国灾区等善举,CIFA 将在其微信公众号、杂志和网站等媒介免费宣传该企业。
CIFA will promote WCA member enterprises in its media, such as the WeChat official account, monthly magazine, and website, free of charge. These services will be offered to any WCA member who is donating medical or other supplies to Chinese businesses.

CIFA, on behalf of all the members and the people in the stricken area, would like to express deep gratitude to Mr. David Yokeum, President of WCA, and his team.

关于上述服务,如果您有任何疑问或意向请立即与CIFAWCA 联系。
If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding any of the ideas above, please contact CIFA and WCA immediately.

联系信息: | Contact Info:

  • CIFA: Julia Zhao 86 13681479075,
  • WCA: Ms. Juliet Shen, 86 135 2408 3443,




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